Outdoor spray mist cooling systems for large areas

A professional evaporative cooling system in a high-profile public area is a substantial investment. It is frequently fully integrated into a building’s architecture or mechanical services infrastructure, and it's therefore vitally important that it provides a long and hygienic service lifetime.

Condair outdoor evaporative cooling systems are designed to provide reliable cooling and robust operation in the toughest of environments. Only quality components are used in its construction, including all water carrying elements being made of stainless steel. Each system is individually design with longevity and hygienic operation as a guiding principle.

The Condair outdoor cooling system incorporates a high pressure pump and water treatment station that feeds water to a network of nozzles located in the area to be cooled. A variety of nozzle systems are available, depending on the requirements of a project.

Nozzle systems can be incorporated into the architectural fascade of a building or structure, or be fully exposed. Depending on ambient air flow rates, fans can be incorporated to ensure rapid evaporation

Each outdoor cooling system is delivered as a customer specific project. A Condair design team will work with a client's project managers to provide detailed anaysis of potential cooling capacity, given an area's geography, historic weather data and surrounding environment. If the cooling capacity is sufficient, layout designs are offered, including detailed information on water hygiene management and service schedules.

An outdoor evaporative cooling system designed and delivered by Condair will provide the amount of cooling needed, fit seamlessly with the surrounding architecture, and have a long and hygienic service lifetime.

Custom nozzle integration options

Spray nozzles systems can be hidden in fascades or exposed on nozzle lines, depending on project requirements.

High pressure pump station

A water treatment and high pressure pump system will purify the supply water and distribute it to the network of nozzles.

Comprehensive design service

Provides detailed calculations on potential cooling, information on hygiene, install options and associated elements such as shading.

Hygienic operation

Condair outdoor cooling systems are developed with hygiene in mind. Especially with outdoor cooling systems, where people breathe this air, hygiene is of the highest priority. Our system offers various possibilities to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

Benefits of Condair's outdoor spray mist cooling systems include:

  • Each project professionally designed and planned
  • Highest quality engineering for a long and hygienic service lifetime
  • Expert advice on realistic potential cooling capacity for any area
  • Flexible range of nozzle distribution systems to fit any architectural design
  • Global support network for professional servicing and preventative maintenance

Our spray mist cooling clients include:

  • Haramain High Speed Railway, Saudi Arabia
  • Al Masjid an Nabawi - Prophet's Mosque, Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait International Airport, Kuwait
  • Konya Tropical Butterfly Garden, Turkey

Find out how much cooling is possible for your outdoor cooling project.

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